“My Experience and the Video”

Testimony: “My Experience and the Video”
Author by Patricia C. M., – (Deaf-Hearing Impaired Person)
This is about me in the video. Oh, first of all… I want to thanks to Mark Hamilton for change my life because I can see myself in the video on my first CD call “America and the World Special Information – Part 1” and to me, wow, when – I am outside of me and watch (image) someone else in this video (me). I saw her face often she appears to smiling and happy every time I talk about TVP, or Mark Hamilton or Neothink Society. I look back to my own sweet self in the video and what that is me? I pause and study my happy face, oh it makes me crying, because after saw my whole head and personality look a like. I start to realized, who I am, Boy ! I looks so happy and said, oh She is a Nuts Happiness !!! HA! Guess, I now understand what I look a like, and who I am and I begin to love myself the more and its wonderful… Now, I want to improvement this video by change a better cloths and better explain to the innocent people. I notice, I am doing better with my second CD video, a lot better than in my first CD (video) because it was not that great, ONCE AGAIN… Thanks Mark for make a hint,… to makes me see things, it’s good experience for me and I am in challenge to makes things better. Ay, innocent people… C’mon and Learn the fun experience for you, see you around in the miracles Neothink Members… ( \m/_ = I love you )
Patricia C. M. – (Really, I am not nuts but its ya such a miracle, Ha!)

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