Motivation Statement

Motivation Statement

From Gerry R.

Dear Mark Hamilton:

I am now a pensioner and a five-year member of the Neothink Society. For many years I was plagued with continual uncertainty and indecision about the direction and quality of my life. Before I became a member, I was focused on putting out energy and effort in my work and business relationships and the responsibilities I took on were a continual upstream battle that did not go anywhere significant. I know now that I was maintaining the life I thought I had no choice to live. Through your mentoring, I have come to realize that my “search for something better” is highlighting the fact that I felt stuck in a stagnation trap for most of my life. Vision #2 mirrors back to me that in the different facets of my personal and work life there have been very few times where I felt in harmony my world; that is, where I felt that I “fitted in”. Through my work life especially, I adopted a slave-like mindset to the restrictions and in a lot of times performance pressures imposed on me through various physical “job descriptions” to be a value producer.

Five years ago I received an unexpected letter from you inviting me to join the Neothink Society that peeked my curiosity. Your letter opened the door to my awareness to a possible major change in my life. Your message imparted that my life experience would evolve to my living the life I was meant to live and that I would become the person I was meant to be in this process. As I read and reread the Literature, I became aware that a better life does in fact await us all in the Twelve Visions World, and that it realistically is within everyone’s reach through the TVP – and I very much want that.

Having become a member of the Neothink Society I have learned that by focusing on discovering the life I was meant to live, I am coming to realize that my deepest motivation to join the TVP Movement is in fact my attempt to leap from value producer to value creator and become instrumental in bringing about the Twelve Visions World.

As I continue to read the Prime Literature and interact with fellow Neothink members, I am experiencing a call to action to get the ball rolling by participating in the Twelve Visions Party. This “call to action” creates a “Project Curiosity” for me that allows me to contribute to our newly formed TVP of Canada Mastermind Group by providing me with purpose and direction to fulfill my Friday Night Essence of applying my organizational skills to moving the TVP forward in Canada and working through the project phases. By participating in the forward movement of the TVP in Canada I can now see that I am on my way to getting the life I want now.

The forward movement of the Neothink Society is only possible through following the path to the Civilization of the Universe that you have set and described in the Prime Literature. As I progress on this path, my life is taking on a new direction of its own to happiness and prosperity. I believe that even though it is not yet on my radar, financial freedom, excellent health and longevity will surface for me. So I want to say Thank You Mark Hamilton for being the person that you are and providing me with this life-saving opportunity as a member of the Neothink Society. Thank you for not giving up!

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