Mark I understand fully what you are talking about

Mark I understand fully what you are talking about there are some of our own that do not understand the meaning of self love and that is one of the reasons that they can not see clearly on the realms of this family. A lot of people don’t know what love is because they have not experienced that love in their lives. A lot of your members comes from damaged backgrounds and abused past and have given up on all possibilities. WE as the family of the elite has to reach out more than before and show these family members what true love is about. It takes a community of people to raise a child. And a lot of our members are still children on the mental level of love. We have to introduce them to love. This is the true affect of the anti-civilization. Neothink Society Members please Reach out and love our family. Give them that support that is what makes us elite that love that supreme love. Thank you all for reading. I love you all.
Clarence L.

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