Mark, I know that your work is inspiring to the many…

Dear Mark Hamilton,
It is always true when we break the mold to create a better idea or product for a better way of life, the many supporters of the old dilapidated system in question become enemies of the change;  this is true even if that change means a better more deeply rewarding life for all, including those who resist the change.
Mark, I know that your work is inspiring to the many who aspire to find their greatness within.
Your in depth and comprehensive analysis of self leadership through the process of Neothink “fully integrated honesty and fully integrated thinking”, is the best work I’ve ever seen.  It has improved my outlook and prospects for tremendous personal growth in my life.  My greatest desire is to become involved in the medical field and make a difference in peoples lives.  I am very excited to be a part of something this well thought out and structured.  I am also grateful our lives paths have crossed, together I know we will build a new future for America,  one of prosperity, freedom and the pursuit of
happiness reborn.  An example to the world.    

Thank You,  your friend  Joe G

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