Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts are full of…

The Neothink manuscripts written by Mr. Mark Hamilton are full of important information for anyone who wants improvement in his or her general affairs in life, in business or on the job.  I know this because I’m one of many who have been reading those books for sometime now.

There is important information in the Neothink manuscripts that if applied exactly as instructed, will surely bring results.  Now the key word here is ” applied “…those books are not news papers and the information in them will not be found in a news paper either.  For anyone to get results, you have to study, understand what you are studying, then apply what you study and get results. There is no other way.

Again i know because i used one of the formulas in one of the books on my job and i got the result i was expecting. Up until i got layed off, my department which was only operating in summer before, was then operating all week, all year. ONLY BY APPLYING THE KNOWLEDGE WILL YOU GET RESULTS.

Thank you.


Clifford Z

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