Mark Hamilton’s magnum opus “SUPERPUZZLE” is an emotional roller-coaster

WARNING: “SUPERPUZZLE” is NOT recommended for the faint of heart, those that choose to deny reality, or value destroyers.

Mark Hamilton’s magnum opus “SUPERPUZZLE” is an emotional roller-coaster unlike any book ever written.   After only a few chapters, intense emotions that you didn’t think still resided in your body, emotions that may have lay dormant for years or even decades, will be wrenched out of their lairs and laid bare and honest in front of you.  Your CHILD OF THE PAST will call out to you and you simply won’t be able to deny him/her the irresistible stimulation and deep-rooted love woven throughout Mark Hamilton’s TWELVE VISIONS WORLD tapestry.  From despair to triumph and exultation, from corruption and pure evil to innocence and child-like joy, even from tragic death to eternal life, Mark Hamilton flies you on a magic carpet ride through the illusions and evil in the world and deposits you smack in the heart of FULLY-INTEGRATED HONESTY (FIH).  For a wild ride through your deepest unchallenged beliefs and society’s commonly accepted but easily manipulated “truths”, read Mark Hamilton’s “SUPERPUZZLE” now! Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!  

FINAL NOTE: “SUPERPUZZLE” is HIGHLY addictive and HIGHLY recommended for those wishing to regain their “CHILD OF THE PAST” lost passion for life, those wishing to annihilate the illusions of society, and those aspiring value creators seeking WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE, and HAPPINESS for themselves and their loved ones.


Darren U

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