Mark Hamilton’s 12 Visions

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

I thank you for being available to all people with your vision of hope in life for all.

Your compassion is astounding. It is difficult at times to take in the breadth of your beautiful vision as it is expansive and unending.

This fact is the hope of life for all people – let this hope be unending, both for us and our children.

We all know that the difficulties in life today, being perpetuated by compromise to truth and integrity, are actually diminishing the lives of individuals because of stress, hardship, and lack of love for life, and living.

These things themselves continually break us down and contribute to a decreased life span (Unfortunately). For many it becomes easier to relinquish any hope in life and simply shut down the emotions of joy and happiness so that we can accept the way things are as we motor through life than it is to strive against those seemingly unending negative forces in our society that rage against our happiness in life.

But, because of your 12 visions, it is certain, when the negatives in our current society are removed; many people will begin to realize that they really want to live longer, as they did in Mrs. Annabelle’s story.

Your Neothink® system, the Neothink® Society, and the 12 visions of the Twelve Visions Party become a refuge from the turmoil of dishonest suppression in today’s world.

Thank You….
Elaine R.

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