Mark Hamilton wants all to learn

To whom it may concern:

Those of us who want to be a part of the neothink society believe in the way that Mark Hamilton wants all to learn to be moral, and to take better care of our selves and our family’s. By being the best person we can be. As we are suppose to be living in the free country, we should be able to make up our own minds, as to weather we want to live our lives as we wish, as long we do no harm to ourselves, or other’s. This nation was built on the idea of being free to live our lives as we see fit
As for the Government we could use a lot less senators making way to much money telling us what to do. I believe the Government should do a lot of soul searching. Let the farmers grow the food they want, if they grow enough we could put an end to world hunger. Why pay farmer’s not to grow food. What are you who run this country thinking?
If the Government wants to do something to help the United States of America let stop all the bail outs of companies who ran there business into the ground. Now we all know how the American people are tire of loosing their jobs and worrying about how hey will take care of their family. Put food on the table, take care of medical expenses that they can no longer afford.
In neo think society they teach how to run a business that will prosper, not how to run a company that is only out to take what they can and then run. When the business goes broke from bad management.

I worked for the Sterns Technical Textiles Co., better known as The Stearns and Foster Co. I put 30 year into this place. When I first started in 1971 it was a great place to work. The owners treated us as family. Good pay, god benefits, they gave us bonuses at Christmas time. Then in Mr. Foster passed away and they sold the company to a man that literally took every penny he could and put it in his pocket. He would pay the bills for the supplies we needed, He wouldn’t repair the building when it need it. He didn’t care that is was an unsafe place. He didn’t care that OSHA would find him. He knew he wouldn’t pay it any way. He did this until he went into bankruptcy, then the bank took over and kicked him out, but it was to late to safe the business.

He didn’t pay the utilities bill until they turned the power off. Then we would be off of work until he paid it. This is the reason American citizens are up set with the government bailing CEO’s that ran these company’s into the ground.

There are a lot bail out’s that shouldn’t of been. Such as the auto industries, AIG, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae. As far as I see it you are rewarding them for bad behavior.

So those’s of us that want a better life have found it through neothink society. Every one has the right
to live the way the want to. We choose neothink society. The better way of life.


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