Mark Hamilton & Neothink has been the icing on the cake

First l start by saying that Mark Hamilton & Neothink has been the icing on the cake for me in my travels in the world of the learned. I have like so many others been a student of esoteric ( hidden)knowledge for many years but so much of it was cloaked in mysticism and contradictions thought my eyes were open before and to an extent, they were but nothing before or since has even come close to the completeness of Neothink! The Neothink society takes you from the ordinary to the extraordinary in fine fashion like no other school of thought. and now combined with the Twelve Visions Party it goes to another dimension and that’s not all! Our members know what I’m saying.
I have learned there is truly multiple levels of society i.e., the world of the lay masses ( the one’s that are not self leaders and the ones that have open there minds to see and know that the wool has been pulled over the peoples eyes for thousands of years and now the lies that have been told has run its course..the jig is up, its time for REAL CHANGE in many ways. I mean on a Universal level not just on the surface!
I learned long ago that REAL TRUTH is “by and of itself” and not dependent on lies to hold its own. On the other hand realize that a lie or “untruth” is “dependent” on a least a little truth in order for it to be believed in the first place. True honesty will always trump any thing less!
That what is known as Reality will forever be present, that which is known as Unreality will only be around until one has learned the difference between the two then it goes back to the realm of nothingness from which it came!.. and understand the difference between the two is Opposition! Truth and False has always been the Universal battle. That battle is in the process of being won, which do you think will be the winner?
Mark Hamilton and Neothink has clearly put me on the winning side, and I cant express enough gratitude! To understand that I am just a babe in Neothink but I will continue to grow and get stronger as I continue to learn as a member of the Greatest School of thought in History!
Neothink teaches about all the other so call school of “enlightenment” and tells it like it is. I know this for a fact tried and true. Most of you have also, when you’ve seen or studied that you can only reach “Master statist” after you master yourself! Doesn’t that make since? Mark Hamilton’s Neothink has taught me that there is no one closer to me then myself therefore there can be no voice more qualified to direct my steps then the voice in my own head! How well I direct my steps depends on how well I have raised MY OWN consciousness by reason of experience and by the way, instruction is experience!
Neothink not only allows you to see through the lies hat has been passed along for generations but it also has a clear and complete solution to make REAL POSITIVE CHANGE for the World. Neothink is not just some theory Neothink is the Next Evolution Of Thinking and I am most honored to be a part of it. For Those of you who are tired of the bull, COME ON IN FOR THE WIN, check out the Neothink and The Twelve Visions take part in history don’t just be a statistic!

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