Mark Hamilton, I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Mark Hamilton,

First let me thank you for picking me to be one of the “chosen”. I have read Ayn Rand’s books and knew something was missing as far as I was concerned. I was fascinated as she exhibited what I felt must exist.  Her books stated the problem but no solutions.

After being chosen by yourself I was entranced by the material I received from you and your organization.  There it was!  The way to better ones self and position. It all became clear to me and I have been following the pattern ever since.  The 10 second miracles, Mrs. Annabelle’s Secrets, 3000 year old secret, the daily management of one’s time and the ability to believe in oneself to accomplish things.  My life is now run by myself and not the government.  My accomplishments are self performed and I do not wait around for anyone to tell me what to do.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your believing in me and providing me with the means to prosper, love & be self-reliant.

Respectfully submitted,

Rocky F. V.

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