Mark Hamilton has given us a blue print…

Dear Mark Hamilton,
About three  and 1/2 years ago I started reading your literature.  I had lost the vision in my right eye due to a retinal detachment that was re-attached but the vision did not return.  I was 65 years old at the time so I just retired.  I just gave up.  At that time , I was so disillusioned with the country and the power elite that was running things into the ground.  I was ready to settle back into retirement and do nothing for the rest of my life.

You had other ideas and you told me in the intro letter that you would share them with me. I thought at the time it would be a  good idea to have a new way to look at life and everything in it.  A new way to think about everything in general.  So, I sent for your books.  Boy were my eyes opened.  I read the three main books.  I had a hard time reading the third one “Miss Annabelle’s Secret” because my eyes kept tearing up.  It is hard to read with one eye through tears. This book really got in touch with my inner child.  I continued with you as my mentor.  During this journey things have really changed in my life.

Yes, I found my Friday Night Essence.  My FNE is to help other people.  I volunteered at the local learning center to help those students going for their GED.  I tutor math and use Miss Annabelle’s methods of getting the students to open their minds to math.  Some of them discover the Joy of math.  It is working and I love doing It.  I am learning more than they are learning.  As a result, the happiness and joy has gone way up in my life.  As I open myself to this new way of thinking “neothink”, I find information coming to me from every direction

On the health front.  I recently received information about a hand held health device,  that is rather inexpensive, that will relieve pain and take the cells in the human body back to the pre-pain state using zero point and quantum physics.  I am not in pain but if this device can take my eye back to the pre-detached retinal stage and then heal, I think I can regain vision in my right eye.  This device could be a life saver for those in chronic pain.  It could eliminate the need for expensive toxic drugs and unnecessary surgery.

On the money front, I can start a business and sell these little miracle workers.  Everyone knows our economy is in bad shape.  But, since I opened my mind with this new think way of thinking, a lot of investment news keeps coming to me.  I have made money and I have received advice on where to put it so I will not lose it when our dollar crashes.  Thank you Mark.

Finally, on the political front, I don’t know what those power elites in Washington are thinking.  They have not solved our economic problems and I doubt they ever will.  I think they have made it worse by design.  So, Mark Hamilton has given us a blue print to take back our country from these anti-civilization power elites.  They have turned our country from a country of LAWS into a country of men.  And the men with the money and power rule.  The Twelve Vision Party will turn our country back into a country of laws.  Everyone will be equal under the “Law”.  That will free us from the Tyranny of the power elite.

Thank you again Mark Hamilton for all you have done for all of us.

Larry S.

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