Mark Hamilton did this for me through his writings

What does this all mean to me? EVERYTHING! I learned to love life. I learned to deeply appreciate life! I learned to love and respect myself. I learned to CREATE VALUES! I learned to grow without limits which involves taking complete, 100% responsibility for my own life indefinitely! Mark Hamilton did this for me through his writings, specifically the Multi Generational Manuscripts of The Neothink Society. I found my essence here in the society. I have discovered precisely what it means to be happy what it takes. You can be eternally happy and I mentor others here in the society to achieve it. I am a famous society insider. I am deeply happy and it grows every day. I have never been as smart and as integrated as I am right now. That will soon enough evolve beyond where I am at right now. I know I absolutely can be, do and have all I desire, period! Mark Hamilton is our prime mentor and has the honest power to mentor everyone into the creation driven life they were meant to live. That involves partly a life or romantic-adventure! I am living that.

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