Mark Hamilton came into my life

Thank you for your confidence in me, and trust I will never betray it.
I am a 45 year old woman, Myomassologist, Truck driver, Photographer, and Home Repair person. As a Myomassologist; the Detroit News did a story about me, and I was a guest speaker on Fox sports. For years I have been very active volunteering in many community events.
I had a head injury, then I had been horribly traumatized, and my life was destroyed, explained below. Weeks after I got through it, Mark Hamilton came into my life. He held his hand out, helping me to recover myself. I’m trying but I’m not all better yet, still struggling, and flat broke. Because he is genuinely concerned about me, he is still there trying to help. His education is teaching me, I want to start a business to help other people with head injuries to function right again. Presently head injury is fairly common among returning soldiers.
What happened!!!  
I live in Michigan; in May 5th of 08 I had a motorcycle accident in Dayton Ohio. The hospital abused me terribly. I had a minor right brain injury that made me passive & several broken bones. The hosp put a screw sensor in my skull against my will, and knocked me out with Heldol. When my mother came to see me, they lied telling her I was unconscious, and would never function again. My sister signed me up for Medicaid so they would get paid.  They also shared medical misinformation to my non family friends openly.
The police gave me a ticket around May 26, and they told the police officer I would be out the end of May, court date set June 11. Last day of May I tried to leave, 1 male nurse 2 male security violently beat my broken body up. I timidly asked them if they thought I was a criminal. The male nurse tied me down, doped me up against my will, and then raped me, the hospital did nothing.
I have the court papers, that they tried to pass off, that would have given them gaurdianship, the right to dope me, and imprison me in a group home for the rest of my life. Since I am a Michigan resident the Ohio court wouldn’t pass the papers. They detained me for three months to establish residency in Ohio. The legal aid in Ohio said that group home imprisonment is common practice for head injuries.
The hospital detained me past my court date for the ticket, so I lost and there is an arrest warrant for not showing up in court.
The hospital beat me up 2 more times I lost vision in one eye from the second beating. They lied and demoralized me affectively. They pushed narcotics real hard; I did manage to refuse them; June and July. Two days after the third beating my vacant house was robbed. They also infected me with MRSA, destroying my Myomassology career..  
After that I am broke down, I don’t know where I would be without Mark Hamilton’s hand up.
Jennifer J

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