Mark Hamilton, an honest businessman

The death of business is the loss of an individual’s dream. The death of a soldier is the loss of a parent’s dream for a child. The death of a Country is the loss of individuality and freedom. Each value came in as pure love that got lost to stress.

Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society® and The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) understands there is no greater value than a conscious human being (each individual who makes up a country). Just as each idea comes from one single mind, and a baby comes from one fertilized egg, each can and should prosper, live happily, and be RICH!

Americans needs a new party, one that fertilizes the individual, rather than stomps on them as rulers decide what is right. Mark offered thousands of individuals a self-leader system to move ahead in life to test his compassionate belief and decades of study. The system is complete in all areas of life, from love to business. The individual becomes happier, and, prosperity and love follow. I have first-hand knowledge of the value of the system.

Much different than our current political structure, where the rulers get the best and prosper as we pay for them to tell us what to do, TVP is only temporary as we restore America to a safe place for all to live happily and prosper. There are only two (2) classes of people: the ruling elite and you and me (including millionaires) who fall into our category of followers.

Why should a politician get pay increases yet our senior population get stuck with higher co-pays and unapproved necessary medicines. What is right about this? Is that not ruling over a large segment of our population? If our seniors are broke does that mean our country is too?

Make your life right, check into the Twelve Visions Party®. You can get a new way of thinking by looking into the Neothink Society® as well. Stand up for yourself as a self-leader like our forefathers did. Visit to get full details. Keep reading more here to see how others feel. You will find unique individual stories of people from many countries uniting to bring peace, health, and wealth to our globe. We can either continue to fight or we can love. What choice will you make?

Mark Hamilton chooses to share love, as an honest businessman who knows how to teach it, and, other aspects of a well-balanced life. Come join us. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Instead of begging for handouts you can sail to success.

Mark, thank you for showing me how simple it is to see through the illusions, put before me by politician that enslave many to systems, rather than offering honest values to society.

I look forward to helping bring forth The Greatest Get-Rich Program ever offered! My friends, family, and the rest of society deserve it. Thank you for NOW offering it at a discounted price, so all can get it while we have time to save more individual lives from despair and poverty.

Jill A. R.

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