LOVE-When your dream has been accomplished

OPEN-MIND-Don’t allow anyone to sway you from your dreams.Accept values that lead you to your dreams. Even if those values don’t coincide with your parents politicians, or religious leaders.
UNDERSTANDING-That you can turn a hobby or dream into a business.Apply the knowledge & experience fom the company you have been working for years, into your own business opportunity.
DESIRE-to continuously pursue your dreams.
Never let DOUBT settle in.
Believe that every obstacle is only a setback.Think the problem through.
Find someone who can help you see the missing step.
LOVE-When your dream has been accomplished. That feeling will exude in joy,love in everything you see & do.
You will see& feel things in a whole new perspective.
HONESTY-is being truthful & fair to everyone who has helped you or will be working for you or will be doing business with you.
SELF-LEADER-When you have succeeded in creating VALUES for yourself, colleagues, business associates.

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