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As far as development is concerned, the worlds  most wealthiest class or the ruling class have not practiced their so called philanthropy to the fullest, because today millions of women and children continue to starve and remain in poverty and especially those people who live in Subsaharan Africa on a continent with war and continuous unacceptable famine, and  ethnic tensions  sponsored by the super rich  (the ruling class) NOT TO MENTION MATERNAL AND INFANT MORTALITY RATES THAT ARE AT AN ALL TIME HIGH ANNUALLYand yet they still hurt the most vulnerable human beings both ways, by being greedy and selfish  and having no interest in helping humanity whatsoever, the twelve visions party of the U.S WILL CHANGE ALL THESE FACTORS AROUND, by making all the people rich including the poor, and this comes with and effortless action of making a living in luxury and at the same time without lifting a single finger, people will be cured of the worlds most deadliest diseases, every child will receive an education, and immunization free of any disease there will be no more of such a term of “homelessness”, and yet the ruling class have failed to provide for the masses of people in so called developing countries, and these aren’t developing nations  they are simply being fooled and  given ponzy soci-economic loans and get ROBBED BY THE DAY. The reason for all these development difficulties is the fact that most people are trapped in “mental mysticism” their minds are not free to think independently without having authority over them such as the ruling elite of global  trillionaires which will result in sheer poverty, now in order for this planet to live on in to prosperity without even the assumptions of starting a war everybody must vouch for the Twelve Visions Party Movement and not joining it is like committing suicide, by deliberately giving into the falsehood of mysticism and paying church tithes,  that alone is worse than self made homicide. The truth lies in Neothink, by getting rid of the old ways of thinking into the NEW WAYS of thinking integrally which is the core curriculum of the Twelve Visions Party this is not just any political party its a program for human salvation as in the “only thing left” succumbed away from the Matrix OF ILLUSIONS, as I wrote this I am starving to death , I am poor and have nothing that really belongs to me because the ruling elite are making money at my expense by robbing my continent of its resources and making money from the blood of my fellow brothers and sisters here in Africa. I F YOU WANT TO PROVE TO ME THAT YOU CARE about me, JOIN THE Twelve Visions Party of the U.S  Movement , and feel free to get acquainted with the “Great replacement program” that will once under its inception will truly make all the people rich including the poor.

The link for the Twelve Visions Party is -be my Hero and then i shall be yours.

-Brother Aban

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