It’s time the ball game is changed up!

There’s no doubt about it! Implementing the Prime Law and freeing the geniuses of America, may be America’s last hope! The Prime Law when added and instituted will put the brakes on a spiraling out of control government! No more blocking inventions that can benefit all!! Government will be directed to rescuing the economy and work for the common good!! We have to implement change now before things get out of control and we have are forced to operate on an emergency mode. Do the preventive pre-planning work now, or we may be left with picking up the pieces after everything falls apart. That is where America is heading fast. We can look around and see clearly for ourselves where “the ruling class” and elite have taken us all these years! It’s time the ball game is changed up! We need real answers and real solutions and a new direction! Starting with The Prime Law is a great beginning!
Kathleen T.

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