It’s about time – the rest of our nation, enjoys the most honest, clear thinking I have had the pleasure to know

It’s about time – the rest of our nation, enjoys the most honest, clear thinking I have had the pleasure to know.  I carry the twelve visions in my heart every day.  As a student of our constitution, I personally feel honored to know what I know!  Mr. Mark Hamilton possesses clarity of thought. The love of my country, respect for the brilliant work of our founding fathers fit perfectly with my way of thinking. It’s Perfection! …and the FIX that our constitution needs to survive the entitlement cancer. INDEPENDENCE is not FREE.  FREEDOM is not FREE.
Our constitution was designed to FREE OURSELVES to create values for one another.
God Bless You, Mr. Hamilton.

Mark, the values that the Neothink philosophy has brought into my life has been sent right though your writings and the writings of the late Dr FRW.  I have been reading Neothink literature for a long time and I have personally been brought back to life from reading and understanding the concepts.  When I first received the literature on Neothink unlike many I wanted to learn what you were writing about.  I have read many of the earlier books and continued to read your books.  I have been profoundly happy with learning from a wider perspective  than what my colleagues seemed to know.  It brought me out of the unnatural, uncivilized trap that I could not nor did not understand what was happening fully at that time.  Man, I have become unstoppable and very confident in my skills and ability to see through assignments with laser like vision.
I  believe that the TVP movement is the only way that we can begin to improve our circumstances.  The values that Neothink brings to our society should be right up there with the rest of the movements. The TVP movement is the most ambitious movement on the planet.  I believe that the success of the TVP movement will not only improve everyone life because it is the only source of goodness out here but it will make the most profound impact on our lives.  The TVP movement is the highest form of integrated thinking out here.  Its like the purest antioxidant for our trouble economy.  I never felt so strong about a movement towards life as it should be than what the TVP movement can do. People need to learn and hear about what’s really real and possible in life.  I think that we can truly begin to find our happiness, romantic love and life success.  With the TVP movement, I can relate to the people around better than ever.  If it is to be silence than so shall everything else as we shall began to move closer to our demise which is so unnecessary.    What everyone has been thinking about, what everyone wants in life, what everyone hopes in life can begin with the TVP movement.   This is the only movement that is not base on the old rice pot philosophy.  People I just want to say that of all the philosophical movements that I read about and study during my lifetime and I considered myself an excellent reader, a bibliophile and a student of Philosophy,  I unequivocal believe that the TVP movement must survive and thrive against the monsters that wants to stop it.  We must keep the TVP alive.  Like I said,  I think that the TVP movement is good for everyone.

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