It is time to start with a small contribution…

It is time to start with a small contribution, my testimonial. I’m not much for testimonials generally, but as I’m with the Neothink Society for a handful of years now, I’m becoming aware an honest testimonial will make a difference.

It started with an invitation that is permanently changing my life and thinking.

Always in financial difficulties I tried a few self-improvement programs, and thought, not so bad should have started earlier.  Well, since being a member and reading Marks Neothink books, those programs are now on the back-burner, (for good), It really is the best place to improve my life and start contributing to society.

Now, as I’m still having to catch up  on more reading and start putting this knowledge into action, I know Mark has lived up to all his promises and more, by developing the Neothink society.

Like an avalanche sweeping the world to make the paradigm shift to a civilization of the   Universe. Attending Clubhouse meetings, my insecurity is now being left behind.

Here I like to add this part from a member with more seniority; please, check out what we have to offer. You can always go to and request FREE information regarding what we offer here. You can also request to become a member of the most powerful bond on earth today. The website immediately gives you a sneak peak at what we offer here, what we do here and what we stand for. It also tells you somewhat at what you stand to gain here. You stand to gain EVERYTHING here no lie, no bull, just honest values beyond what you can imagine as a non member right now. You can also immediately begin to discover what the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is about over at The value is enormous over here.  If I can say anything about TVP or Twelve Visions Party, it will make ALL the people RICH including the poor! No this does not exclude you for this includes you. But I will tell you, the society IS exclusive to all non members. If anyone wants the eternal values offered in here, they must become a member to receive the values. For example, the membership has a fee, but you get 1 multi general manuscript a month free. The live clubhouse social of life advantages and interaction free and our website that normally costs a fee to maintain but is free with the membership. You can find the details over at You can also request to become a member here as well. Back to the Twelve Visions Party or TVP. The TVP will make all ordinary citizens rich, healthy and safe including the poor and the elderly and unemployed. You will find free information on over at

I’m grateful for this invitation and eager to make a realistic contribution to the Neothink Society, and the World.

Horst S

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