If anyone wants to read anything that can open your mind…

I was one of 5 kids born to average Americans in 1957. My dad
was in the Army when young and married and had 5 kids. When he
left the Army He worked in a factory.
I was born in a log cabin on a 5 acre farm in Ste.
Genevieve Mo. The youngest Child.  They named me Orville.
Of course, we were Dear Mark Hamilton,
poor. It was a small cabin. We moved to St, Louis county where
I grew up with 1 oldest sister and 3 older brothers. In the
early 60’s my mom joined a variety of churches. As I began to
“feel” and “Know” human intelligence at approximately 2 ½ yrs
old, I started to retain memories. I still remember some of

To avoid details, I will highlight. My mom searched for a
belief to satisfy her needs. She found it In the Penticostal
religion. One of the strictest in America.  My father did not
believe in church. He knew something was wrong with being told
what to do.

I grew up in a life with many view points to perceive.
School views, Family, religion and government topics.  Oh ! I
also had my OWN View Point. (I knew I did). When I was young I
saw much stress in all adult,. Family stress, Family- school
stress, family- Government stress   ETC.  I began to learn
about society problems.
I knew Way back then, the World was upside down. People
thought Narrow minded. (As a learned thing). At a young age
NASA was launching rockets toward the moon. That boosted my
mind to expand my thoughts outward at an extreme rate. I then
knew anything was possible for mankind.   50 years before, man
could not fly.  I learned from that lesson, that when people
focused and worked together for a common goal they could do

As I grew up I never forgot these lessons. Life got harder
during my teen years. Schools do NOT teach “How to learn”  or
“How to promote personal growth or creativity” My life with a
religious mother got worse. I spent my 10th yr in highschool
reading the Whole bible, just so I could understand it and her
better, this had no positive results.
Main topics in school training were  “Do not get paint on your
clothes” in art class, and All the Indians did not deserve the
open land, So white man took it by force. (History). But, I
always had above passing or good grades.

Well, near 17 yrs old I had been beaten down enough, in
school and physically at home. I left home.
I spent 8 years searching for a decent career job for money,
love  and happiness. Auto mechanic, Cook, Welder, Welfare,
Unemployment, US Army,  then I attended college.
In college I read a names book. It said Orville means
“Great Estate”. That phrase inspired me more than anyone knows.
It wiped away 21 years of laughter and ridicule from my life.
I studied computer technology. But I did graduate with honors.
And an AAS in data processing.   College training was well
below me level of expectations.
I still had very little happiness or self worth. I still
searched for happiness, and others to talk to intelligently
about promoting the human spirit and minds to their potential.
This was my greatest task in life. Most minds are so shallow
and empty! Why?

Sometime around 2004 I received a booklet from Neothink. It
offered to show me how to find happiness, power, Self worth,
self drive friendship and infinite growth and happiness. A way
to live above this shallow empty world we reside in today. It
gave me back the hope I had as a child for the world to live UP
TO my expectations as a child. Back then I expected the world
to be Blooming with geniuses, growth so fast that no one could
ever see all the new things in their whole lifetime.

Neothink and the people that read it, learn it and support
it’s growth will create the world that man was meant to live
in. It is Inevitable……. This is because it is not a world
created by only one man. It is a thought passed on to millions
to be shared the same as water is shared around the whole

As water flows,  Neothink flows.  Sometimes slow and smooth.
Sometimes it Rages as a typhoon. Tsuname. Tital wave. Flood.

Neothink gave me the courage to invest my life savings into
building some internet businesses for myself.  Every evening I
work on these businesses. Obviously I’m not quite happy with my
present career.  My new businesses are growing slowly.
I will soon meet others with minds like my own and with beliefs
like my own.
I  read the Christian bible as a teen, I understood
exactly what Neothink was saying in their books about Jesus,
his methods, and peoples minds.  No one understood what Jesus
was trying to do.

Ending,   If anyone wants to read anything that can open your
mind to the possibility of a happier more fulfilled life, which
holds the potential to change life as we know it today, Then
buy the 3 big black books  Neothink.

Sincerely ,

Orville S.

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