I would like to thank Mr. Hamilton for taking the time to show me…

To all persons in the world. I reluctantly embarked on a journey like no other for the past couple of months. . I would like to thank Mark Hamilton for taking the time to show me a great amount of releasing and uplifting information that has opened up some areas of my life which may have been closed off as long as I have been alive. If it would not be for this information and teachings I may still be asleep. What I am saying in short is . You can give man or woman food, for a day or two he/she will be sustained but if you teach that man or woman to farm they will live a lifetime nourished in a healthy manner and continue to grow. Let’s all continue to grow ,nourish ourselves by teaching learning and living . I have seen so many of us turning wheels but not moving in any direction. Let’s get the cogs in the right spot and allow the people who can teach us a new way of doing ,being and living a chance.

Thank-you and safe journey
Matthew S

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