I was a trucker (owner operator) for nearly 25 years

I was a trucker (owner operator) for nearly 25 years. I was forced to park my truck due to severe back problems. I believe this happened to me for a reason. If i was not hurt, i would not have been home in time to meet your deadline to join the society and receive all the answers to the questions that kept me in the dark. Especially religion. So since i cannot perform the physical ability that i once relied upon to make well in this world, i was forced to do as Mark showed me. Use my brain! Well between a friend and i we have come up with a kit that can be installed into any vehicle to achieve better fuel mileage. We installed one into a vehicle that was getting 20 mpg and was able to get 37 mpg out of the same vehicle. There are also other benefits such as cleaner emissions (less pollution) also increased power and cleaner engine internals and that means longer life of your vehicle. We are looking for help to get this product going. That is our setback. We are good at what we are doing but have no “business sense” so i thought i would throw this out to ? knows how to handle these things. We are “garage entrepreneurs” so to speak. We have done all the testing, went through all the failures before we had complete success. Looking to get this out to the public. If anything it will help with cleaner skies and gas prices.

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