I wanted to give a reflection on what my thoughts were about Neothink

I wanted to give a reflection on what my thoughts were about Neothink. Before I do that I want you to get a good feel for whom I am.  I am a self-starter.  My parents taught me to be honest, hardworking, always respect every individual no matter what they looked like, or believe in and to remember you are a product of yourself.  What you do today will be a product of tomorrow.  Or as I like to say it:  ” Prior Planning, Prevents Poor Performance.” Both My Parents always taught me to be self-suffient they always pushed me to be the controller of my life. They would Say, “You must own your own business, it is the only way to be happy and successful in life.” I have been very successful.  While growing up I wanted to play a professional Sport.  I received many awards regarding my hard work and persistence to always be the best of the best. (To know all you can know to achieve success.) I did everything needed and more.  I ate, drank and slept my desire to be a professional.  Through my hard work I achieved my goal and became a professional Athlete.  Unfortunately once I made the pro’s I got injured and could no longer play the sport. But that was ok it taught me so much more than the sport itself.

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