I want to serve as a personal testimony …

I want to serve as a personal testimony and personal thank you to the honest writers of the Society of Secrets.  I was most touched and my maturation complete by a certain insight found in its writings.  I was one of those fervent researchers of religious texts and histories.  I found that the deeper I got, the more I tried to live the principles of my faith, it became more difficult to be happy.  I found that I was at battle with this world.  I found that I subconsciously hated life and wanted the glorious end to come.  This divine destruction would wipe out all the problems of the world, including me and mine.  Shame on me.

After struggling with my faith for years, and feeling alone and that there had to be more, I decided to free myself enough to study life from a different perspective.   During that time I received my first correspondence from the society.  The information I read confirmed everything I believed, everything I consciously decided formyself.  I had to accept somehtings that I did not want to believe.  The society’s honest insight into the history of religion brought a clarity that I had never before experienced.

Today I am a totally happy and free individual.  I have not suffered loss of my morality, but it has been sharpened, I have not I relinquished my love for humankind.  In fact, by totally understanding humanity and our nature, I am able to fully contribute to Life and Human Happiness.

Please, all those who feel compelled to attack these writings, stop and think.  There was a time when I felt like you.    My beliefs though led me to accept sacrifice of human lilfe and happiness, to casually sit by and pray while humans suffered, to believe that it was God’s will that the world was in the state that it is in.  I now beg to differ.  This is not as the world is supposed to be.

The Sociey wants the same world you want.  A world of freedom and happiness and abundance and , Love, as the underlying mover…A love of Life without the need of destruction for its cleansing.  Take the time to fully read and understand and make your own decision.  If like me, you were truly dedicated to truth, you will find that you may have been a littled misled.  That your dedication to the sacred has been used against you….I pray for you to be honest with yourself.

Thank you M H for your contribution to our society.

Chris P, Los Angeles

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