I want to extend my warm appreciation towards Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Inside Secrets

I want to extend my warm appreciation towards Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Inside Secrets.  I am a different person today than when I started this journey with Neothink only a few years ago.

For all of my life, I have been an individual searching for something more in life.  I have always been searching, and seeking a close association with like-minded people whom I can relate to and whom are going in a similar direction I am.  My real journey started when I was six years old.  My association with members of the Church gave me hope for the future – life after death.  So, like anyone searching for something real, I devoted most of my time and abilities as a child studying volumes of scripture while most children my age were busy playing video games or watching television.  For me, I desired to unlock the secrets behind what I must do as a human being to inherit the promises I was told.  I even went on to be a speaker in the congregation, a local pioneer of religious literature, and a missionary in other countries sharing with others the “secrets” I was unlocking for myself.  Because I knew so many people in today’s society hold on to that HOPE – for themselves, their families, and loved ones.  I felt it was my duty to spread this message to others who were also searching.

Seeking answers to life’s questions, however, were such a constant (upstream) struggle for me.  For example, I was told at a very young age that I would have to give things up and sacrifice my life for the “greater good” if I wanted to discover spiritual enlightenment.  When I asked, why?, I was told I didn’t need to know the answer to that right now, simply know there are greater forces at work out there who know ME better than me!  So, I was told all answers will come to me through becoming spiritually enlightened.  Throughout this inner-struggle within myself, my dreams were consistently being crippled because I was not allowed to think creatively or to be an independent self-leader.  I only could follow, and if I didn’t follow the outlined word and my duty to serve “higher” causes, then I would begin to feel real guilt.  So, I spent many years in this way, which I have called the “dark episode” of my life.  Nonetheless, I never quit searching.

Eventually, one day, when I felt all hope was lost and this life is all there is, I was introduced to the Neothink Society with Mark Hamilton.  What the Neothink Inside Secrets have meant for me is when I learned that the individual not only holds the keys to prosperity, happiness, and romantic-love, but also the individual is the greatest cause in the universe.  Wow!  I have had this power all along!  Once I was shown this secret knowledge, a new paradigm shift occurred from deep within.  If I could describe all of the feelings welling up inside me with one word, it would be:  LIBERATED.

Now, I am a part of that real close association with like-minded individuals heading in the same direction.  The direction is true prosperity and happiness in our lives, and the lives of our loved ones.  I have made life-long friendships and priceless relationships. I have learned more about myself in the last few years than I have learned about myself since that child searching, six years old.  I have a new-found hope for the future – living life now!  I also have a newly-earned happiness from within for today and every day afterwards.


I feel my journey has really just begun now as I evolve positively into the person I was always meant to become.

With love and appreciation,

Adam H.

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