I received a strange letter from Mark Hamilton

I don’t know how I could start my story. But the only thing I know now is the books of Mark Hamilton have been so helpful for my life. I had been a kind of guy who was always wondering about why this world is so unjust. Why so few people have most wealth and all the population is just surviving barely. Questions and more questions.  I realize why I had those questions and it is because my own problems…sometimes I said what is the purpose of my life.  I started to be more involved in the church.  I changed my religion.  I was catholic but then I became Christian.  To make short I deeply tried to reach GOD the same level as those guys reaching high levels of spirituality in the Bible.  The stories about spiritual experiences went deep down toward all my soul.  I wanted the same experiences.. I did everything I could to get the same level of those Christians… but nothing happened… I gave up going to the church and reading the Bible.  I was stuck.

But when I received a strange letter from Mark Hamilton and started to read his books something began to change.  With some fear I started to read those books that are completely different from my beliefs and that moment.  I thought I was reading something evil according to the Christian ways.  But I couldn’t help but keep reading.  I can’t explain.  It is just to be awakening… It is hard to realize that I had been living a life with lies introduced in my mind since I was born.  I don’t want to extend more because is so much to talk about this.  Just to finish my testimony I feel much better with another vision about life.  I feel more stable with more control of my life and that is something I never had in my life.  It has been a huge step toward my evolution like human being… Mark Hamilton is someone to admire for such dedication and patience.  Even though I see the best way for society is the Twelve Visions Party I am not involve like I should.  I still have some mysticism in myself..

After my conversion to be a Christian, the philosophy of Mark Hamilton and Neothink has changed my life forever.

Thanks Mr. Mark Hamilton

Edwin G.

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