I now KNOW how Mark Hamilton FEELS

On March 20 I attended the Twelve Visions Party New Jersey Convention.
It was My Honor and Privilege to be able to do so. The “profundity” meaning the “intellectual depth” of the Love that I FEEL for my Neothink® Society/ Twelve Visions Party® Family was confirmed and verified in this Life changing experience that came to Me, IN attending the New Jersey Convention.

Steve F’s words of a message passed on to those of us in attendance from Mark Hamilton about “the FEELing” that we would leave this event with, will FOREVER resound in my mind and live on in my heart.

My daughter and I were walking to the restroom at the last break of the day. She said to me. “Mom these people carry themselves differently, they ALL have a confidence without being cocky and when they introduce themselves they offer a hug rather than a hand.”  We would look at each other throughout the conference and words such as: AWESOME, AMAZING, and BRILLIANT was all that needed to be said to convey our feelings about what we had just heard from any ONE of the speakers or performers of the day.

I now KNOW how Mark Hamilton FEELS for “his geniuses” meaning each one of us. In Mark’s video presentation “that FEELing” showed. Mark Hamilton was BEAMING with pride. Yes Mark Hamilton, our marathon has begun and “I” run with “YOU” as do ALL who are your geniuses in the NeoThink® Society/ Twelve Visions Party® Family. We all will run with YOU until we break through that finish line tape.

I achieved “that FEELing” and I WILL FOREVER hold it and build on it in bringing forth the Twelve Visions Party to our Country and the World!

I LOVE YOU Mark Hamilton and EACH member of this GREAT Family!
It is time to run!

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