I have read every word of every Neothink publication

I have read every word of every Neothink publication. It has expanded my mind beyond what I thought could be accomplished thus far. I am a young Senior citizen, (63) who is a caregiver to older and infirmed seniors. I have been self-aware for many years, but I see more and am aware of more than ever before.  I understand the ability to direct others thoughts, ideas, and directions by simple suggestions. This has been used by me to calm my angry landlord and to get some additional time to completed the promised renovations to her mother’s house. The reason for that need is because I was offered 2 jobs (privately; no corporation BS policies, just the client, family and me.) After only a month, the cross, cranky client started thanking me for meds delivered to her at or before the prescribed time. Water replenished before it was asked for, the family can be assured that in my care, their parent or spouse will be well taken care of, and spoiled by my attention to detail.

I was pretty good at my job before, but now I can anticipate a possible need or hazard before it becomes one. I can hardly contain myself and not tell every Tom, Dick and Harry out there that life doesn’t have to be like this. It wasn’t ever supposed to be as hard as we have made it. And please don’t get me started on what I’ve thought about the shenanigans that our government has been perpetrating for as long as I’ve had the right to vote.  I sincerely hope that Mark Hamilton can bring this GREAT Knowledge to the common everyday man, so we can move forward more swiftly to achieve a more community-oriented world or leave the “buggers” behind.  Sorry, this is supposed to be kudos for a man who found me floundering in the dark, unhappy with my lot and unable to change things with my limited resources.  Thanks for the Neothink resources!!!!  A more nomenclature verbiage will be beneficial to all mankind.  Good job and very well done.  My daughter is being inducted at this time and she a harder sell than I am, but with my new skills, she will be taught without much difficulty. The young can be so bull-headed (sounds like her mother). There’s also a grandson who be my (correction) YOUR next student.  Thanks for the entrance keys to a whole New World for myself and my family and the New World.

Your faithful student;


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