I have read all 3 Neothink books

I have read all 3 Neothink books.  Before reading your books I was the ultimate Neocheater who was out to destroy my own life.  I had brief moments in my life where I thought for myself, but I was following others in every aspect of my daily life . All that changed when I took a trip to Europe after receiving your first book.  I was on a cruise to Rome, and took your book along to read on the long flight to Rome from California.

To tell anyone the truth, I was on a cruise to see the history and great accomplishments of man kind.  What happened as I read your book was that I realized that I was going to see the tomb of man kinds greatest accomplishments.  I went to the Vatican in a frame of mind that was not what I was in when I left.  Anyone who reads your books will have to wrestle as I did with everything they had ever believed.

To be fair, my testimonial means nothing unless you read the Neothink books.  I followed up by reading all of Ayn Rands books, Julian Janes book and my own county hero Jack London.  I read Martin Eden for the first time.  I looked at the world for what it is for the first time.  I began to think and live for myself for the first time.  I have to admit, I was very wary of this new found insight.

I took the Neothink information and launched my own business and went from a $36,000.00 a year carpenter in the union to making well over $100,000.00 my second year in business.  I saw through the illusions created by the media, the TV, everything I was raised to follow as truth.  I joined your Neothink Society, but have never met any of them personally.  I want to bring out the changes, but I have been so busy winning in a seemingly broke world that I do not join as I wish I could expounding to a broad public telling of the value of these books.  So far I have shared the books with my brother, who offered to have them leather bound.  He is,as I am, wondering like someone who has seen a alien encounter struggling on how to express this vision to the rest of the people we know.

I will one day meet you. I will talk to you as one of your first apprentices, the 12 month students who listened to every one of your web cast and training.  I really can say that the best education is the one you live by, and after reading your Neothink books, I will never have to do more then use my mind, even alone, for the work you put into your books lives in me, as a function no less important then my heart and lungs.  I traverse my daily life, with Neothink as a Armor that protects me from life’s traps and illusions.

I enjoy my wife, my children ,and the life of the value creator, It was in me all along, but your books helped me understand what a lifetime can take.  I will have your books on my desk, to look for the answers when i do not have a answer. Thank you for what you have done with your life,

Rod B.

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