I have just resigned from the DNC…!

I wrote the following on DNC 2010 Renewal Notice:

“I have been a life long Democrat since first starting to vote over thirty-five years ago.
Now…I feel that I must resign from DNC; and move to a new direction!
This direction is towards a new way of dealing with politics and the usual run of things in Washington DC.
I am speaking of Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Vision Party!
Where our slogan: ‘Everybody Get Rich…Even the Poor Gets Rich!’.
This real American party…will sweep both parties into ‘the Dust Bin of History!’
So Come Join Us!”
Quote, unquote.

All of this may be just a token in opposing the forces of it negativity in this country; but it is only the first blow for true liberty and justice…
For is not the American Dream…as declared in Declaration of Independence…”Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”
And that is what everyone wants and can get…by following the Neothink principles in Mark Hamilton’s wonderful Literature.
Thereby finally become the person, we all want…following Neothink way towards higher purpose!

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