I have had the great fortune of knowing Mark Hamilton for more than 15 years now

Who is Mark Hamilton?

I have had the great fortune of knowing Mark Hamilton for more than 15 years now.

During this time I have observed first hand the character and integrity which defines everything about this man.

Traits such as honesty, consistency, and genius all apply to his work and his life.

In this day and age, the main problem we face as a society is a matter of TRUST!

Ask yourself…

Who do you trust?

Who CAN you trust?

When you look at our current “leaders”, how do you feel?

Do you feel trust and do you feel that they have your best interests in mind?

Or, do you think that their own interests come first and foremost?

I know how I feel…and trust is not even close to it!

In stark contrast to the current state of politics and business stands Mark Hamilton and his creation of the TVP.

(Mark’s 30+ years of work are demonstrated in his extensive writings where you can get the full picture.)

But know this, his revolutionary ideas are not really “revolutionary” at all.

They simply expand on and re-ignite the very principles that this nation was originally founded upon.

Principles such as honesty, individual rights, freedom from force and fraud, the rule of Law, self responsibility, and economic prosperity for all…!

What is revolutionary is Mark Hamilton’s brilliant vision of what this nation, and this world, can and will look like when we fully grasp and implement the fundamental principles underpinning all of his works.

And what it will look like if we don’t! (see “Miss Annabelle’s Secrets”…)

Make no mistake, these principles must be embraced NOW if we are to make it safely through this corrupt era in humankind.

We are facing imminent threats economically and physically, including the loss of our freedoms etc… but their is a solution.

Today, we stand on the threshold of a new dawn for all human beings and thanks to Mark Hamilton we now know where we are going and how we are going to get there.

I sincerely hope you will join us for the ride of the millennium!

All the Best,


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