I have been very interested in the Neothink since I…

Hello Mark,
I have been very interested in the Neothink since I originally read Dr Wallaces’
original manuscript in 1984 or 1985, I do not remember the exact date.
I was not able to continue until just recently and have found that I have missed a very important time in my life by not continuing the program before.

Since I have started with the Insider Secrets packages of Neothink a few months ago, I have found that I have become very much more productive in my organizing my time and being able to solve more of life’s situations than ever before in less time.

I am now finding that although I am retired I am getting close to finding my FNE.
I have some visions starting to come into my mind at night while sleeping.
Although I have not yet completely found my FNE, I am getting close and can feel the excitement starting to grow. I feel that with the apprentice program that I am getting close to crossing over to Neothink. I know it will only be a short time and everything will come into perspective and I will cross over into the VALUE CREATION and out of the producing VALUE mode.

I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you have invited me into and I know that I will not ever be the same. I feel that through NEOTHINK I have become totally cured of the Mysticism Disease. I can now proceed to the next step forward and eventually become Man God and a member of the C of U.

Again, Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Future.

Alfred M.

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