I have been associated with Mark Hamilton

I am please to write this Testimonial of Mark Hamilton.  My relationship with Mark Hamilton though the Neothink Society.  I have been associated with Mark Hamilton for approximately a year and a half.  He mentored me when I first became a member of the society.  I found him to be very knowledgeable of the new way of thinking.  He was very patient with me while mentoring me.  Since I was a slow learner, it took me longer to go from level to level.  

I have found the materials he taught me and the books of his that I have read have helped me in my business. Some of the information I have learned, I use for my business.  It taught m how to organize my days to be more successful.  I have found Mark Hamilton to be assessable to all of the members of the society.  I have need answers to questions and all I did was to email him and received a answer immediately.    

Before I first began reading Mark Hamilton’s books, I had a low self esteem.  I would shy away from people of higher positions than I was even, if we were friends before they got their present positions.  After reading Mark Hamilton’s books,  I can say I have made great strides in increasing my self esteem.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude for how my relationship with Mark Hamilton has improved my life.

Eddie L. P.

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