I have always felt that life should offer more than just …

I have always felt that life should offer more than just eat, sleep and work with a few pleasures in between.  I have felt cheated for years, wanting and needing more out of life than what I was getting.  I have been called weird by my family for a long time because I seemed to see things that nobody else could see or believe.  So thank you Mark Hamilton for writing about things that others couldn’t or wouldn’t even begin to write about.  Bless you for that.  We need more thinking, doing people like you to get things moving in this world of ours.  We have been in stagnation for far too long.  It is time to wake up and start living for the good of All.  I do hope that we can keep things moving in the right direction with your foresight, Mark.  I see things moving slowly with things that are being said on TV, and watching and listening to what people say.  People are wanting more out of life for themselves and their families.  My biggest wish is that the World Leaders would join us instead of working to control us.  I would love to see it in my lifetime.  They had better hurry up cause I am getting old waiting on them.  Thank you and Neothink for having the abilities and gifts to bring all of this wonderful knowledge to us.  Keep up the good work Mark, we need more just like you.

Love and Blessings to you and yours,

Judith B.

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