I have also learned how to get my career going because of Neothink

My Name Is Lori L. E. and I was born on July 24, 1964. I was born in Franklin, Pennsylvania. I was born to a supposidly “Christian” home. However at a very young age I realized that there is no such thing as a christian home. I was sexualy abused by 4 of my 5 brothers from as early as I can remember until I ran away from home at the young age of 15. When I was 9 years old my Dad, oldest Brother, my brothers wife and our church minister confronted me about my brothers molesting me. My dad asked me if anyone had touched me and I said no. I was told by my brothers that if I told anyone they would say I started it, so I said no. Well my dad , on the advice of the minister proceeded to whip me for lying and another whipping for allowing my brothers to touch me. Imagine how I felt at the young age of 9 being whipped for something I had no control over. I was devistated that my dad didn’t protect , but instead blamed me. I hated my dad from that day on. My brothers only got talked to, but that didn’t help as it continued until I was 15 and ran away. I told a girlfriend at school, who also went to church with me, she told her dad abd he told my dad and I got whipped again for tell my girlfriend. No matter who I told I always got whipped in the end, so I didn’t tell anyone else until after I ran away from home. The man I ran away with made me tell my Mother , but she didn’t believe me.She is still in denial today. I got pregnant at 15 by a man that was 28 years old. My Father tried to throw him out of the house when we told him I was pregnant. He told my Mother if she signed for me to get married he would divorce her. At church they wanted to set me on the front row so all the teenagers could see what not to do. My Father went to church and prayed that my child would be born dead. Well, on December 16, 1980, I had a beautiful 5lb 15 1/2 ounce baby girl. My parents talked with a family friend and she wrote me a letter and asked me to let her adopt my daughter, as she could give her a better home and more Love than I could. I was very hurt by the way my parents tried to control me, and I rebelled every way I could. I ran away and went to live with the Father of my child in July of 1980. That was the biggest mistake of my life. Because my parents wouldn’t help us get a place to live, my Fiance moved us to Detroit, Michigan on Easter Sunday 1981. I will never forget the awful life I lived there. I was 900 miles from home and he was abusive and contolling. He tried to kill me 2 different times, right in front of my daughter. He wouldn’t let me contact my parents at all, so my Mother sent the Red Cross to find me. We lived there for 3 years. I married him on Januray 14, 1983. After we married he finally took me to South Carolina to visit my folks. When he was ready to go back to Michigan I told him to go ahead, I was staying in South Carolina.  He went back and worked for about 6 months and then moved all our stuff to South Carolina. After he came down we got back together. I got pregnant with my Son and he was born on May 10, 1985. My then husband worked at night and I worked in the daytime. One day I came home and my daughter was crying and upset about something, so I checked her out to see what was wrong. When I undressed her she had bloddy welts all over her rear end. I went balistic. I asked her daddy what happened and he said she was bad so he wipped her with the metal handle of a flyswatter. That was the last straw. The next day I took my children abd moved in with ny Brother and his Wife. My son was exactly 3 months old. I gave him1 chance for us to get back together. We spent 1 weekend together and by Sunday I knew there was no hope. I told him he had to leave as we were through. Before he left he told my 4 year old daughter that she was no longer his daughter and that he didn’t love he and he never wanted to see her again. I told him to leave my house immediately and never come back. Well I believe things work out for the best. About 6 years later I was reading the newspaper and I saw his obituary in the paper. I was shocked. I went to his funeral and when I looked at him in the casket 2 great big bolders fell off of my shoulders. I knew I didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

I have since been married 2 more times. I have had a lot of issues in my life because of the abuse that was inflicted on me by my so called “Christian” upbringing. In 1988 I asked my oldest Brother (who had sexually abused me) and his wife to adopt my 2 children. I was in denial myself because of the abuse that had happened to me. Because I wouldn’t conform to the Christian beliefs my parents wouldn’t help me with my children. I moved 6 times in 2 years and it was time for my daughter to go to school. I didn’t want to upset her life anymore when she was in school. So I made the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I signed the adoption papers and changed our lives forever. I wished many, many, many times I had never signed those papers. They removed my children from my lives and I had very little contact with them. The agreement was that I could see them when I wanted to and be a part of their live. That is not what happened. They did everything they could to turn my children against me. They lied to them and told them I gave them up because I didn’t want them. They made me look like a very bad person that I was not. When I did get to see them I wasn’t allowed to be alone with them. They were not allowed to come to South Carolina for any reason. My daughter is now 26 years old and she will have nothing to do with me. My Son lives here in South Carolina and we are trying to work through all the hurt from 16 years of seperation. My Son and his Fiance had a beautiful baby girl on December 31, 2006. So I am now a Grandma, However because of the adoption I was told by my Son that I could not be the Grandma because I didn’t raise him. We have since sat down and talked and I set the record straight with him. I know one day soon I will be Grandma, as I am doing everything I can to show him how much I love him and her. All I have ever wanted for my children is for them to be happy and safe.

About 2 years ago I received a letter from Neothink asking me to order a book that had secrets in it that would change my life. I really needed something to change my life, so I ordered the first book. When I got it, I read the entire thing as fast as I could. When I got to the part about Religion being a hoax, I knew I had been right all my life. I never believed what my parents tried to shove down my throat. My family has mistreated and talked about me all my life because I refused to believe what they believe about religion, I always knew they were wrong, now I have the proof. I have had conversations at great length with 2 of my Brothers and I have forgiven them because of what I have learned from Neothink. On Sunday, September 23, 2007 I wrote a letter to my Dad, who is deceased , and went down to his grave site and read it to him. With tears running down my face I told my Dad exactly what my life has been like. It has been full of pain and torment because of what he allowed to happen to me growing up. I told him I thought that a Dad was supposed to protect his daughter not let her be abused. When I finished reading my letter I forgave him and burned the letter right there on his grave. I still have 2 Brothers to talk to as soon as possible. I would never have had the strength to do this if I had not read the Neothink books. It gave me the strenth to Forgive.

I have also learned how to get my career going because of Neothink. I work for Rite Aid Pharmacy as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. We have just been bought by Rite Aid and they have GNC departments in their stores. I have found my Friday Night Essence to be Natural Healthcare. I have a great passion to heal people from the inside out. So I applied for a position in the GNC department, either as the District Person or the Regional Person. I plan to get all the training from GNC (They have the best training in the industry in Natural health and Vitamins) that i can get, work for about 2-3 years and then open my own Natural Health vitamin and food Store. I want to incorporate Iridology, Theraputic Message and a Natural Food Bakery into my store. I am also an very good baker. I make Organic cakes, cookies and other things. I would never have been even tried for the promtion before Neothink. I have always had these dreams, but I have never put them in force until I read the Neothink Trilogy. I am very greatful to Dr. Frank Wallace, Mark Hamilton and Eric Savage for the books they have written. I have always know there was something important for me to do in live, but I didn’t know what it was until I read these books. Now I know I was sent here to help heal and recreat our Beautiful world. I cannot wait to get started. I have a passion in me I have never know before. My life is now dedicated to Neothink and making our world a better place to live and raise our Children and Grandchildren.


Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart


Lori E.

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