I feel very honored to be selected and brought into the Neothink Society…

Dear Mark Hamilton,

I just thought I’d give you an apology for taking so long to give you any feedback with an explanation .Thank-you for your patience.

I feel very honored to be selected and brought into the Neothink Society, and to have you as my mentor leaves me at a loss for words .I wish I could describe just how much it means to me.

I received SOS Roots this past   haven’t quite finished Superpuzzle. I’m on chapter fifty and expect to finish reading it tomorrow. The fact  just now starting to learn how to use a PC. I was taken out of school at an early age because my dad took a job in Nigeria and never went back to school. I was a mixed up sixteen year old and never pressed the issue. Dad had taken the job with Pan African Airlines as Chief Pilot and stayed busy. I think he always thought I’d follow in his footsteps.

I came back to the USA at the age of seventeen and my plans were to join the USN like my two older brothers had done to avoid the Vietnam war and at least finish high school. I was in Vietnam a year latter. I never did finish school.

Anyway, I’m now living on disability and thanks to you and the Neothink Society, I’m thinking of going back to school and then start up a business. I may not be a value producer now, but with your help I know I will become a value creator. I’m looking forward to discovering the person I was meant to be. I think I may need help with that. I look forward to getting to play for a living.

Thanks again,

Phil  L.

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