I feel the NEOTHINK SOCIETY helped answer questions that I feel…

At first I couldn’t see what was happening so different for me. This is why I’m taking so long in getting my testimonial sent in. Back in the 80′s I said to myself I’m going to practice to do everything in my life positive in all my life situations and the people I meet and work with, It’s not that I’m a negative person but, sometimes when you’re down or let down you let yourself sit in that low mode and sometimes finding it hard to lift yourself out of feeling depressed and negative in life’s situations and you put your dreams on hold and sometimes for too long and then feel unreachable. My life seems to have changed a lot being in this positive mode all the time and it’s not to say I didn’t slip into being negative sometimes but, I would always remember and remind myself for being positive and I would correct the thoughts to positive ones. I seemed to talk to myself a lot in the beginning staying in the positive mode. It seems your brain is a very powerful part of control and I began to see a difference in how life was going for me. I felt I actually turned my life around for the better in all my situations even though I worked hard to make ends meet there was something different happening to me. I felt comfortable, peaceful, secured,and it wasn’t that I made a lot of money it was always enough and comfortable taking care of my young family with the thought I am doing not for me but for them because they deserve better and I always did more than my best for them. I used to think it was the god concept that was helping me along even though I could see I was the one doing the hard work. I continued to feel I need more proof in this concept. I believed through faith and was raised in a household that believed,went to church weekly, went to a catholic school. Later in life I still asked myself how true is this concept there still wasn’t a believable truth to it. I wished for finding more information that would be credible but there were only dead ends. When I received my first heirloom package I knew I found the truth finally. He (god) did not exist and I made things happen for myself just as I always believed. (In a way people who believe actually had something they thought was positive in their lives and probably did positive things and thought positive and maybe even saved themselves from a lot of negative situations in life that could have caused a lot more depressions and suicides from happening. Now is the time they need to take hold of their own lives and pat themselves on the back and realize they themselves made everything and anything happen for them. I heard a lot of excuses made for (god)-why someone had died so young(when god said it was your time and other many excuses ’cause god said) if he was (god) all good and the savior why wasn’t he saving these lives and have no problems in our world and everyone have happy lives with no worries. This was my biggest feelings of not fully believing in the past if he was all that greatness why did we still have poverty in our world, unhappiness and all these negative situations.
I have often told my children to try to be positive in their lives and in raising their children, they are the lives you love the most and positive good attitudes and examples will make positive good children and you will see that happen as they grow and what I have experienced with my own . I had thoughts in the past when I felt things in my life was really changing for the better and not to say there wasn’t negative moments and situations I had no control of  and I did not cause and felt a lot of hurt and pain in a negative relationship but, I felt  ways I have learned to take better control of situations. My thoughts of ” Is there someone or people out there who knows more than what I have grown up to experience in my life” or I even thought, “Is there a way of controlling someone who would do harm to you or your loved ones” because I was experiencing how powerful your brain can be by being good and positive and I now see it is the only way to go and if people were to our world would be a much happier place to be. I also realized your mouth is also a powerful weapon that says many a good and positive things but, also bad and negative things and how your brain responds to these without you really realizing it because it’s just the way many people talk and think all the time. I seem to be observing many situations since I’ve put myself in this mode of thinking and seeing what I’ve observed shows proof of how our brain really works. An example: a lot of people I know especially young parents nowadays , inexperienced with raising their own families and probably not observing their own relationships growing up and the way some of them talk to their children in such negative ways calling them stupid, assholes and other not nice names don’t even realize then why their children have a hard time learning in school, communicating and eventually may end up in a home or jail as they get older I feel their brain been responding to all the negative things said to them and they have no control but the brain responding to constantly hearing these negative name calling and they become that person unless they are strong enough to take positive control of themselves and have these backing by people who love them enough to turn their life around.
OUR BRAIN IS ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL!!! When I received your letter inviting me to be part of NEOTHINK SOCIETY I couldn’t believe the things you said in the letter, so much was thoughts I’ve had and never thought I’d get answers to all of my thoughts. I was hardly skeptical about the offer but skeptical of the idea that someone really knows more than what this ordinary society offered and can help in such a positive way which at the time (god) was my helper, listening to my requests and I always being so thankful to him for all the positive and good life I felt at the time he made possible. I feel the NEOTHINK SOCIETY helped answer questions that I feel nothing in this society could have answered. I felt so ecstatic, an unbelievable feeling of happiness that so much positive material was coming to me and I was so certain I had no doubts even before I received my first heirloom package. The letters that followed filled me with impatience to receiving my heirloom package. I could not wait to start reading. This was my answer to doing the best I can for my children.
I have often told myself (my brain) thank you, there is something special in this life and I put my family on top of all the good I’ve done and accomplished so far ’cause they deserve the future that awaits us. I have always had and felt good liking relationships with people I meet, met and made friends with. I can feel many people can feel that positive warmth that I put out in my everyday life. I know my children feel that special feeling too and not because I am their parent but I still think it’s the positive attitude and now to be enhanced by the NEOTHINK SOCIETY.


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