I feel that Neothink has been instrumental in…

Mark, my favorite book was Miss Annabelle’s Secrets.  It identified so many things for me, and I feel that Neothink has been instrumental in confirming many of my pre-conceived notions about relationships, state-of-the art health situations and the future that we have to look forward to with technology and advancements in so many fields.

Of course, I was very excited to get a glimpse of the future and ways of integrating things together.  That is what is so missing from our culture at present, where people are cooperative vs. combative or competitive.

My hope for the near-term future is that much of what was written can indeed come true, as it is truly freedom for us all.  The soul of humanity WANTS to be able to be immortal, pain and suffering free, have loving and supportive relationships and experience the many aspects that our combined intelligence can provide.

I look forward to greater participation in groups in the future, and will enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals.


Suzanne B.

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