I could not ever thank Mark Hamilton and Neothink enough…

I could not ever thank Mark Hamilton and Neothink enough for the positive values and secrets they have bestowed upon me over the past year or so.  With the new knowledge I have since gained from when I very first became a Neothink member till now, I am on a path of guaranteed success and prosperity while eliminating and systematically attacking through an order of operations all the entities that have previously placed limitations on me including myself.  Neothink to me has been a discipline.  A discipline with an unbelievable impact on my existence allowing me to re-evaluate what is good for me or bad for me and helped me to discover what I really want in life and how to best obtain it.  Mark Hamilton reached out to me at a crucial and critical point in my life.  I was teetering on the edge and could have easily self destructed.  If not for the lessons I learned through the Neothink manuscripts I realize now I would still be for lack of a better word “lost”.  I used the tools provided to me by Neothink and Mark Hamilton to deal with my grim reality and turn my life around to enjoy huge chunks of true happiness.  I always knew that I thought a bit differently from most people and that I possessed a special talent that I can achieve anything I set my sights on.  Mark Hamilton’s literature was the one thing that has ever given me that push I needed and confirmation that I was right when knowing that there is something more in this life than what we are made out to believe and that honesty and consciousness are the most important values in this world.  Like I said, this discipline was just what I needed.  My world as I knew it was falling apart all around me.   I got arrested and went to jail.  My wife left me shortly after our daughter was born.  I was homeless.  I had no job.  My father was in prison.  My mother just passed away as soon as we became best friends.  My brothers were drug addicts.  With nothing and no one to turn to, I was like a rock not to be budged with Neothink being the ground holding me tight all around.  I have since landed the job I have always “dreamed of”.  I love my job and get acknowledged for my hard work and efforts.  I get to see my daughter at least 3 days a week and support her financially and emotionally.  I am an example for my family and peers. I have exhibited tremendous strength through all my trials and tribulations and with Neothink as my guide, and Mark Hamilton as my mentor, it is ok for me to be proud of my accomplishments.  I am in control of my life because of my relationship and association with Neothink and Mark Hamilton’s help.  They represent everything that is good and honest in this world!  I am honored to be associated with the noble genius known as Mark Hamilton and Neothink.

Thank you my friend Mark,


Daryl Joseph A.

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