I consider you a bright shining sentinel of liberty, happiness and freedom

Dear Mark,
I consider you a bright shining sentinel of liberty, happiness and freedom. I do have your work and hold it as one of the most valuable possessions in my life. Yes, I am a loyal Neothink person who now knows how to gird myself for business, prepare for my future and fulfill my dreams in ways I never thought of before…Your teachings, Mark Hamilton, have shown me how to make my life mine; I have become a stronger person through your work. And when it comes to politics I am a loyal Twelve Visions Party lover. As you said in your book I remember these things you teach, I see them clearer and clearer every day, noting, seeing and watching the disaster now taking place in Washington D.C. I see their antics and mysticism clearly. Mark, you have worked so hard and endured more than most men can stand but you have stood though all the slander, name calling and downright nasty attacks that the value destroyers could through at you and continued to shine the beacon of light on “THE RIGHT OF THE INDIVIDUAL”. You, teacher of basic structures of being, instructor in the art of creating values. You show people the knowledge of how to live life as their own master…You Mark Hamilton are more than the brave and courageous your are one of the great leaders through out time and it is my honor to sincerely and most graciously thank you for your thinking, your work and your sacrifices to bring to people the knowledge of their BIRTH RIGHT

Mark below, this is just for you.
I lost my Mother in 2010 and the heart still aches over it, I am still in morning, it is such a heart breaker. I know you feel the same about your Father and I extend my deepest condolences for your loss. I truly know those tears my friend, I myself have asked a thousand times if only they could have lasted a little linger we could have made them immortal. My loss has kept me down but I sat there one night in the dark and could hear the ring of my mother’s voice telling my “you idiot get up and live your life don’t waste your life over losing me” That old voice in the head. We can only hope we can somehow bring them back if we make it ourselves. We can only hope that they are in good place as you have written. I believe if they are love will keep them with us.

I will now proceed to do as you asked a stand for our cause. I have not attained wealth as of yet but that is on purpose. Believe me as anyone I need to get a business going but what I want to do first is learn and implement things to protect myself and any of the wealth I will be making in the future. As of now IRS really cannot do anything to me because I have lived on the poor side of life.  I will say this Mark when I do get ready to make money to fulfill my dreams I will explode in business and create the dreams I want fulfilled but I want you to know I stand to everything I can to make our cause clear to people.

I will be walking across the country again. I love walking across the country, the sunrises and sets I could go on and on. This will be the third time I did this Journey I was on the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in 1986, The Longest Walk 2 to instill a respect for nature and return the bones of our ancestors so we could lay them to rest and now I will be on The Great March for Climate Action. Yes it is a predominately liberal-progressive group that created this walk but as you know I am not liberal or progressive.  I don’t believe in their way of using government to make change. Our cause, Neothink needs to be on this walk… I plan on introducing products and companies that produce values that pay attention and entice the interest of this group and show them that the only true and fast way to get this green house gas problem solved is to teach the people that we meet across the country the tech knowledge we have available to combat their fears. I truly seek your advice, counsel and influence as we walk across the country. I will be on this journey one way or the other and will support the cause in every I can but I would like to stay in touch with you.  There are people within our society who own these companies. I can feed two birds with one seed: work on our cause in this walk because it is a political walk mystified  as a save the planet walk and attend to my personal family and financial needs by selling your books and our society’s values that pay attention too and resolve their fears. I believe this walk will be known by many and will be made a big media craze because the current president is behind this pushing this issue. If so, think of the enormous integrations. The people participating on this walk are from all four corners of the nation and various parts of the world. In effect will show these people the principles you teach by example. It will be though the best value producers in our society providing the best values and knowledge that truly seek to influence the effects of green house gas and its fears. We cannot stand by and let them continue to think that government will answer all their problems with this issue. We need to act and integrate our power to advance the knowledge of neothink. Again Mark I seek only your advice and counsel on this matter and hope you will understand why I am going on this walk. I have a laptop and phone and your books with me all the time and will be able to be contacted at any time as long as I can maintain an internet connection. I look forward to hearing from you the walk starts in less than a month and a half. Please let me know what you think. above in the first paragraph is my testimony You can rearrange it if you wish but I thought I would directly show my support for you, your Father,Neothink, and the TVP by addressing the testimony to you The best to you my dear Friend and may you have a wonderful and happy New Year.


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