I cannot thank you enough Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton:

This letter is to inform you of the interesting and incredible information that I have read from the manuscripts.  It just blew my mind away.  Now I understand how mankind can be duped for such a long time.  I cannot thank you enough Mark Hamilton for educating me and the mass on how to rid ourselves of the disease of mysticism.  You have given me a new meaning in life.  Thank you, and thank you very much.  I am looking forward to live in the ” New” Civilization of the Universe.  We, the member of our New-Thinking Society, together we can brake the false cycle of mystic life we have lived in for so long.  Together, we can start the Twelve Vision Party so Civilization of Universe will start to explode and flourish through out the Earth.  The Prim Law of Protection will execute its purpose on planet Earth, must control the lawmakers, law interpreters, and law executes.  Not the other way around.  

The Twelve Vision Party is the only way out of this oppressive crisis our country is in now.  The brilliant rule of the Prime Law without interference from man, everyone even the poor becoming millionaire, is the best answer whose time has come.

We need the Twelve Vision Party and the Prime Law now.  Our time has come to lead the “poor”, and the, “mass”, population into the Civilization of the Universe.  Mark Hamilton, again, Thank you very much for your invention is starting to bear fruits, new thinking into my life.  I love you very very much.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, with love,


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