I bought the literature, read it

I bought the literature, read it.  Found it very interesting and honest in the way this society is. I ran my own small business w/  new ideas on applying Neothink. I had health issues and now have re- established working for a corporate auto parts business. at an entry level position. and I read your proposal on a new political party. and I have had  thought of running for mayor of Cleveland, Ohio. lord only knows how the politicians have ruined a once strong industrial. blue collar city. I really think your party would help those most depressed parts of our country.  getting the people to wake up is another major task. Even the overly oppressed believe in this system. and the back the cheaters openly in hopes they don’t lose there welfare. I now live in Ellsworth,  Maine.  uncertain of future success, but willing to work towards a better human way of thinking.

Am writing to explain how thinking in terms positive thoughts can help in decisions one makes more free to life more fully.  What I am saying you will not be  sent into a negative or make a wrong decision so easily.

James (Jim) A.

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