I am not afraid anymore!

I have been religious most of my life. When I was first contacted by Neothink I was very critical of the society. I wanted to study this society  and find out what made it tick. I was living in a desperate situation. Whether to worship god or follow my own path. I had terrible nightmares and visions making me scared but I kept on reading and studying the heirloom packages. One day I read about our Zon. It all fit together. I had been thinking that maybe this is how things really are for a long time but I just ignored It . After reading about this I understood how things really are. The stress that had made me have all those nightmares disappeared. I feel like a new person. All those bicameral thoughts are leaving me. I know someday I will be completely cured of the old way of thinking. Life is good.
I personally believe that right now it is most important to defeat the Republicans. They really represent everything you say you are against. After that try to influence the Democrats.

My own personal agenda involves a combination of the Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I think this what will save the world.
You need to reduce the amount of anger in the world with EFT (tapping on acupuncture points) and moving toward the positive qualities in people with visualizations of what is really possible in the world. What each individual is really capable of and what the peoples of the world really need.

Barbara S.

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