Hi. I decided it was time to tell you the truth about how I feel

Dear Mark Hamilton,

Hi.  I decided it was time to tell you the truth about how I feel.  This is hard for me…it’s not always easy to be vulnerable and open, but I’ve learned that it’s really the only way to live my life.

I care for you.  I feel something for you.  Your spirit feels connected with mine, somehow.  I could sit still and not say a word–but long ago I discovered that “playing it safe” simply does not work for me.

I have no agenda.  I’m not money oriented or motivated.  I’m not even business oriented, and have a very difficult time with some aspects of GIN because of being this way.  I’m more like the guy you hired to be your business manager, became frustrated when he was so obviously unable to get excited about business, and finally accepted as who he was, and placed into a creative job as fit his FNE.  My FNE is multi-layered, which is cool, but it’s all in creating.  My FNE is art, writing, and dance.  I’m also an excellent teacher, which of course is creative, too.  I can do some of the healing and transformational stuff like Miss Annabelle, but not as a full-time teacher.  It takes too much energy.  Maybe by internet.

I know you have money.  I don’t.  I’m poor as a church mouse.  And I know from friends who do have bucks that you have to be careful of people, sometimes.  I’ll understand if you feel like that.

But just in case…you feel connected to me, also, I had to take this chance.  If so, let me know, whether by phone, email, carrier pigeon or whatever…just take a chance and let me know.  I’m willing to look like the biggest fool–just in case–I end up being the happiest woman on the planet.

Thanks Mark, for being who you are.

Lisa N.

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