Hello Mark Hamilton and all of the wonderful people at Neothink

I would like to take a moment to share a pretty amazing story with you all. My name is Allen Mazza I am 52 years old and have been with Neothink for about 5 years. Prior to Neothink  I was kind of lost but didn’t really know it. See if you are a regular person like me you really don’t know  what you don’t know. For that matter no one really  knows what they don’t know.  Let me elaborate a little.  Say some one told you that the world was flat and that’s all you’ve been told since you were born. Well you wouldn’t go to far because of fear of falling off the world. Then some one you don’t know tells you that you can go as far as your heart will take you. The world is round and you won’t fall off. Of course you will be told by those who misinformed you( or lied to you ) that person is evil and they are trying to hurt you because you will fall off the world, because the world is flat. I am telling you all this because Mark Hamilton and Neothink is that someone I didn’t’ know who told me that life is what ever I want it to be. That I could fly as far as my heart will take me. I went from a very blah type of life. Work hard not smart that I wasn’t ever going to have my dreams. Work until 65 then retire. Then do what retire people do. Hang out at the coffee shop and complain about everything I guess. Now my life is different. I am not thinking about retiring at all. I am working on a copywriting career and have hopes and desires to write some books and also possibly write a screen play. I am the leader of my life. I am responsible for everything in my life. If its good I can make it great. If its not so good. I can make it better. I didn’t know all of this. I learned it through the Neothink Society. I can be , do or have anything I want, as long as I know what I want. And really want it. My relationships have changed so much I sometimes can’t believe its my life.

It is the most rewarding thing in the world to do the things I love doing , and being able to share that with the people I care about the most. I look forward to being with friends and family. The time I have with them is joyous and memorable.

I’d like to also say that Mark Hamilton is a great man. He has spent the better part of his life  sharing this information with the world. All you have to do is have an open mind and heart and you will be amazed at the wonderful changes that will make your life a dream come true. I have to tell you the world and life is not flat. You can go as far as your heart will take you. Every life is important . We only get one time around, and if you are like me and I know you are. You are going to want the most out of this great life as you can get. And you can have it, you deserve it.

You and everyone else is going to hear terrible things about the Twelve Visions Party that are all false. Remember TVP is going to scare the crap out of the ruling classes. They will band together To try to hurt the TVP. All I ask is NOT to listen to what is being said. Rather go find a TVP meeting and go to it.

First of all you will feel welcomed and you will hear the truth. How we can become the greatest nation in the world. We will have a voice. But I am not saying that you should not be skeptical. What I am saying is hear for yourself go to the TVP meeting. Don’t be blind sided by the media and the lies they will spread. You are smarter than the media you have a great mind . Don’t allow them to manipulate you and make you feel like they are their to protect you.

Because they are there to sell stories true or false just sell papers or airtime. I believe in you and I wish you all the greatest life has to offer.

P.S. From the bottom of my heart thank you Mark Hamilton for giving me knowledge to live the life I deserve. I am still striving but everyday I see clearer my goal. Thank you to the Neothink friends you are the greatest.

Wishing all the best to all of you

Kindest regards


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