Everything Works From Numbers

Looking into numbers,

With every thought you will find numbers. When the numbers are present within your thoughts, they will always tell a story. Understanding these numbers, you will always find the answers.

We are constantly thinking, and many times a full conversation may be going on, you know, the one deep inside us. With your thoughts going deeper into the conversation, the thought of numbers appear.

You may not actually see how many, but they are there building and creating. During these conversations you will see visions. The visions you see may come as a quick flash, or turn into a movie playing. You may see a story-like movie going on, playing along with your thoughts. How many continue playing or get disregarded? The choice will always be yours.

Interesting, How many? During most all of the conversations going on from our thoughts and visions, the question of How many… will be asked. How many will always form a number. The forming numbers will come from many different ways, and you will always be able to see them.

Everything works from numbers.

Example: Think back on what you have just read, or read it again if you choose. Numbers are formed with all thoughts coming from ideas, questions, with every step forward or backwards. When a great idea comes from thought, you may have asked, how many people can I tell? By using this example, asking how many, a number was forming into a positive number, or a negative number.

Now if you would, take a moment, and take a look into your immediate surroundings, also take a look at what you are wearing as you are reading this. You see everything is constructed because of the forming numbers. When one chooses to create, the construction process starts to develop, because of seeing the numbers as positives.

Numbers will either build in strength, or break down into weakness. Attached in thought of numbers will be a positive or a negative.

How one thinks will always bring the results they choose. Thinking positive will always bring forward movement. Thinking negative will never bring forward movement and all creation is stopped.

Remembering, sitting in your science classroom. We all learned and most remember, everything is made from atoms, and each atom carries positive or negative energy. When the number increases as the positives connect, the “matter” of energy builds into a powerful source. Creation of all things come from this powerful source of energy.

As I am sitting here writing and sharing my thoughts. I can recall learning that we are made from atoms. Although I cannot recall having any great interest in this subject, but somehow the information and knowledge gained stuck to my subconscious thoughts.

Being made from these atoms we carry our thoughts, and from how we think, we will attract more and more of the same-like atoms. Each being has the choice to which they let manifest inside. When we let the numbers build into positive or negative thoughts, the results will be present.

Building upon the positive energies will create good thoughts, which will bring the results of feeling happy, healthy, moving forward with confidence, and attracting more and more of the same.

When letting negative thoughts manifest inside, the results will bring sadness, sickness, no movement forward, all is stopped into a dead end road.

We all have the freedom of choice, we hold a decision within us. This freedom can not, or never will be stripped from us.

Thinking with positive numbers, and building upon these numbers will always bring great rewards.

What you have just read, is my ability to Neothink.
Neothink is a new way of thinking; developing and building upon all positive thoughts, discovering the smallest detail within each positive thought, and finding the confidence from within one’s self to share and help all mankind to a better way.

I had never thought in this way, nor had I ever been a writer. It was not until I read the Twelve Neothinking Visions written by Mark Hamilton.

This Neothinking way has changed my life forever and has helped me see, to change the circumstances for my family.

Because Mark Hamilton has shared his Twelve visions with the world, there is an explosion of growing numbers. The numbers being, positive thinking, honest thinking people uniting together forming a Twelve Visions Party, turning Mark Hamilton’s visions into a reality.

With thoughts and visions guiding me,
Dale L.

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