Dearest Mark Hamilton

Dearest Mark Hamilton;

I am a member with a life changing attitude about my value, learning, health, longevity, family, and community.  I have cut myself off from acquaintances after the loss of my only daughter and the child she was carrying.  Then for some reason I was chosen by the THINKERS

of the Neothink Society. It was the way I was contacted.  The information that was sent was like an Ethereal cord that reawakened my Spirit.  After reading the 1st Book I received I was able to stop smoking (Cold Turkey) as they say. And have not wanted to smoke again, by choice. After the second Book my need to communicate and forgive the haters was easier to accomplish, I started to feel alive again; THANK YOU.  Now I feel I can be employed doing something with all my

talents and skills; ie..Medical, Consulting, Herbalist, Author.  I have decided that my worth has nothing to do with the sociometry and short comings of this society we live in. The next Book “Miss Annabelle”; very inspiring and positively reinforced my parenting style. It showed me that friends can be trusted to do the right thing (some time). Right away I wanted to get involved with the Geniuses described. Because your Society has chosen me, I am pleased to be able to offer a small part of my story.

With Respect and Thanks;

Michele A.

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