Dear Mark Hamilton

Dear Mark Hamilton,

The initial invitation letters from the Neothink Society struck me as amazing writings in themselves, yet I resisted.  The thing that convinced me to invest in Neothink was the mention of displaying my art and music at one of the Clubhouse Meetings.  I had been working to find my audience and this idea spoke directly to my soul/inner child/higher self and my business self.

I received my literature and read it in 8 days, writing many pages of notes with new mental integrations like I had never had before.  After 2 more long, yet highly energized weeks, I received an invitation to a Clubhouse Meeting.  The next day, Wednesday, I called to RSVP and was offered the chance to play my music at the Clubhouse.  I suggested a Clubhouse Drum Circle and that’s exactly what happened – my new team/family stomping/clapping/chanting/banging/moving to our own music.  And this happened one day short of 4 weeks from the day I received my first book – the lure of the letter had come true!  

By this time I was familiar with the web site and had music and video up on my Neo-Space.  Reading SOS Secrets had connected me to Mark Hamilton and the Prime Literature;  the Clubhouse and web site connected me to the body of SOS, the people.

When I called to RSVP about the Clubhouse meeting, I was also invited to listen to a national conference meeting that night (wed 10/8).  One thing that came through to me clearly from the meeting was that Mark Hamilton wanted the leaders to video their testimonials.  I learned my A-Team Coordinator was having some trouble with her video.  I sensed the importance and on Thursday (10/9), I offered to help.  At first it seemed she would not have time, then later she realized that she had asked the Universe for help with her video and here it was.  So, Friday evening (10/10) we shot the video, and on Sunday we were able to upload it to her Neo-Space.  It turned out wonderful!  The focused mental and physical energy we experienced was the result of reading, learning, and applying Neo-Think.  It was actually rather easy, and so much fun!

I now keep an essence journal.  I’ve learned that my essence is akin to my creating value.  The Society has welcomed my essence/value creation:  I shot and edited an important video for my team leader;  I shot and edited video of our Clubhouse meeting where I facilitated a drum circle to open the meeting; and, I offered to help with data management and now I will be gathering regional data about the introduction conferences.

For a second business of mine, I have set up databases, tracking reports, and analysis tools.  Activities are grouped into mini-days.  Very soon I will be working my mini-day schedule.

My plan is to update my written testimonial regularly (every few days), while my video will be updated once a month, so that a video update will be an addendum to the previous video(s).

I am Stephen B. and this is my testimonial.

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