Dear Mark Hamilton

I am not a letter writer, but, I need to confirm the trust I am developing with Neothink and the Twelve Vision Party. What this has allowed me to do was rethink my hopes and dream. where as I was giving up. After reading the literature and listening to the CD’s, I can truthfully say my outlook is getting better and I am believing in myself and getting positive about a future I was beginning to think I couldn’t do anything about.  Because of lack of finance I thought all would be lost and people would cease to think about me. I was wrong. After reading about Miss Annabelle and her strength to carry on, my dreams was ,again, renewed.  We are up against people. as we know, think the only way to survive is to have people beneath them  I never went along with bullies. I love to be taught how to gain the things other have and only a knowledgeable teacher can do that. To you Mark Hamilton, I say the truth will always win.

Thank You for thinking about me. I, too, and waiting for my connection.

Still  Trusting in the Neothink and TVP,

Sincerely, Elizabeth S.

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