Comment On Common Sense!

There are many days I thought to my self. “Could there be away for me to stir up the
people of today like Thomas Paine did to the people of his time on February 14,1776.”

I guess that’s the reason why I’ve been writing so much lately!

I’ve also been neothinking. Could there be something I can come up with to create a pamphlet
like Thomas Paine did with as mush power as his pamphlet was in 1776.

And each piece that I wrote makes my brain jump into neothink more.
Which causes me to pick up and read my visions statement written for me. By my mentor
Sue Moore from Steve Fagan & Associates and reading the Prime Literature for more

“And then it hit me!”

“We think much differently today and are faced with much more to think about then they
had to think about back then.”

Which has lead me to this conclusion!

Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel. By coming up with a magic pamphlet.

When all I have to do is hand out inspiration and give direction to the real
magic pamphlet which is Mark Hamilton’s Literature. So now I look at my writings
as little nuggets that inspire those who read them to search out the real magic nuggets in
Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature.

And then I started to neothink that “What happens then?”
I’m neothinking the clubhouses would not only be like a church but not a church could also
possible turn in to Neothink Universities teaching the Prime Literature to the Masses.

Written by TKS

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